I wanted to photograph the people of Haight Street in a way honest to their lifestyle. As a resident of San Francisco, I believe the homeless of Haight are viewed as a public nuisance and are often shunned and frowned upon by society. I would like to change that view.

Haight Street has been a mecca for travelers and vagabonds for many years and serves as a community and cultural center. I am tired of seeing pictures of the homeless in a demeaning, detached, and pitiful way. These people are not who you think they are, and they have a true sense of community and caring that many of us lack.

I found the best way to photograph them was to listen to their stories and then ask for their permission to take pictures. I chose to photograph them in a modern and flattering style, similar to my fashion portraits, that reflects both the joy of the community and each subject's unique personality and journey. I returned shortly after to return their photos in person or email.